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Welcome to Elmsford Meditation Center

Brahma Kumaris at Westchester - Rockland County, NY

is dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal by teaching individuals to view the world as essentially spiritual, rather than just material

"Sweetness is a virtue that searches for the good in every person and situation. At its heart is the conviction that there is always something positive to be found. You simply need to have the patience to discover it."
Brahma Kumaris
Dadi Janki

Join us for an engaging Insights Session on every Thursday from 6 PM to 7:30 PM

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We offer a diverse program of lessons and training courses in different spheres, such as teachings of soul virtues and powers, meditation practices, yoga, concentration and so on. Classes take place in person and online.

Please contact us for in-person classes at PHONE # (914) 473-3879   /   (914) 893-9192

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“React less, Respond more. As you learn to tell your mind what to do, old ways of thinking and doing will change.​”

Brahma Kumaris 



Spiritual Sustenance

Brahma Kumaris

World Spiritual Organization

"Gentleness is not lack of strength but a quality which doesn’t disturb, doesn’t push, yet knows its own power."

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