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buy Lyrical dance costumes online Dear friends,

purchase Ivermectin Om shanti. Thought is the seed of our words and our actions.  Some words are such that we shouldn’t even think them, let alone speak them.  If you get too caught up in your thoughts, it is almost certain that eventually your thinking will come out into words also.  Let your thinking be of a high quality.  It’s one thing to have a thought and something different to have an idea. Thoughts are deep. Ideas are more on the surface.  When something goes deep, we can’t forget it.  We speak a thought through our mouth, and it becomes manifest through our activity.

Actually, we ourselves don’t need to have too many thoughts or ideas.   We just need to have the experience that whatever is happening is sweet.  In devotional settings they say to God: “Whatever You make me do, it’s all good”.  This is the language of an instrument.  Let your face reflect this realization.

With love,

BK Janki

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