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A divine messenger of love and peace who descended upon the holy land of India in 1919. A jewel of a girl, Radhe, who was born to mother Rocha and father Pokhar Das at Amritsar. Right from childhood, Radhe had a razor-sharp intelligence and personality of multifaceted splendor. Radhe studied in Kundan Mall Model School at Hyderabad (Sindh) up to Matriculation. She always topped in every class and was equally adept in singing and dancing.

Radhe’s mother and her aunt lost their husbands and were grieving at home when they started attending Geeta Satsang, where Dada Lekhraj used to elaborate the essence in the verses of Geeta. On seeing a miracle of transformation in the life of her mother and mausi (mother’s sister), Radhe began to accompany them to Geeta Satsang. Her mind danced with joy when she first heard the divine knowledge. Her interest turned from being a doll of fashion to becoming an angel of love and peace as she started to chant “Om” and everyone started to call her “Om Radhe.” Om Radhe realized the Divine presence in Prajapita Brahma (Dada Lekhraj). She would be intoxicated when Brahma Baba would render the “Murli” (Divine Versions).

She had a magnetic aura in her personality. Her flashing eyes exuded virtue and power. She commanded the love and respect of all with her powerful personality and merciful heart. She could dive deep into the essence of each point of knowledge and come out with the subtle implication of that. She was gifted with exemplary intellectual powers and a sweet voice which resonated with a special kind of divinity.

Om Radhe — through her dedication, sacrifice and tireless service — came to be regarded as “Mateshwari” or the mother. She was lovingly called “Mama” by all. She gave sustenance to the spiritual children with her powerful words and actions. Her words carried the conviction of truth and her actions the strength of divinity. Even more beautiful than her words were her “silence.” Her angelic presence would transfix the whole assembly and her loveful and divine gaze would transform the hearts of the onlookers.

Throughout her life, she made many, many hearts dance with joy through her sweet and divine songs and discourses. She discerned the futility of sensual life when compared with the permanent bliss offered by spiritual life. She sang with all her heart and moved the listeners to heights of bliss.

Mateshwari was the epitome of service. She was given the responsibility of managing the “Yagya” (the Institution). She would look after every need of the spiritual children and was at their service until her last breath. She left her mortal coil on June 24, 1965, now celebrated as Mama’s sweet Remembrance Day.

Sayings of Mateshwari:

  • Committing a mistake is wrong. But after committing a mistake if we don’t accept it, it is a sin.
  • Those who complain about others must look within their own selves and change themselves.
  • It is not worthwhile to repent for our past actions, instead we should perform elevated actions in the present to make our future better.


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